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Steve & Angie McCord

“Is there anything in here for single people?”

This was the question asked by one of our friends when we first presented A Spiritual Path to a Healthy Relationship, “hot off the press,” to our coffee circle. Our response: definitely. There are:

• Offers of hope—evidence that even people like us, who had despaired of ever “getting it right,” can have a satisfying and fulfilling romantic partnership, despite prior failures, painful experiences, or long periods of loneliness. There are several inspiring stories from other couples.
• Lessons from our many years of experience being alone while getting ready to be in a relationship—working a program of recovery, reaching realizations such as the need to be alone to heal, to “become the right person” before we could “find the right person,” to achieve a full and meaningful life on our own instead of expecting another person to “fix” us, and then overcoming fear.
• Specific examples of personal affirmations, identification of qualities we want in a mate, and setting a vision to achieve the relationship of our dreams
• Discussion points for people who are dating—help for people to identify their “must haves” and “deal breakers” and to discuss them with a potential partner before making a commitment.

Check back for further discussion in more depth of these and other topics.

Steve and Angie McCord

This post was made by Steve & Angie McCord, Authors of A Spiritual Guide to a Healthy Relationship
A Spiritual Guide to a Healthy Relationship

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