Early morning in the rainforest; I settle upon my meditation cushion lighting candles and sandalwood incense. Closing my eyes I see the flicker of candlelight, magnified as it bounces off crystals scattered about the room. As I notice the activity of the mind, I embrace the effortlessness of my breathing as it gently returns me to the moment.
To occupy the moment is to live life to the fullest. I sit beautifully and embrace what life offers. I listen mindfully as the rain falls upon the metal roof, the tree frogs sing and dogs whispering miles in the distance; my heart fills with gratitude to be caught up in the presence of life.
The practice of meditation invites me to participate in non-doing. The purpose isn’t to stop the thoughts and feelings that arise or to manipulate them to bring about joy or bliss. I’m simply requested to sit and observe and not attach to the mind’s (ego) splendid array of distractions, determined to kidnap me from the moment. When assaulted by thousands of thoughts, the exit strategy is to gently return to the breath, this conscious act is done again and again. When practicing moment to moment awareness, we may be surprised to see how short lived each thought is.
Upon finishing morning meditation, we summon mindfulness to follow us throughout our busy day. We now move away from non-doing to doing, holding the intention to pay attention from deep within to purposely observe even the most mundane movements. Our typical routine of marching through the day unconsciously can now become the movement of one yoga posture to the next.  By observing life and not attaching to each event and thought we gracefully respond to each challenge rather than react. All I’m saying is give peace a chance.  Excuse me–may I sit with you?

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