There are men and women who come to me because they are looking for their perfect soul mate and want my help. They come looking for that perfect person who will bring them peace and happiness. They believe if they just find that one person, they will find the key to everlasting contentment. The problem is, that person doesn’t exist. No person can bring you peace and happiness.
Oh sure, you can meet someone with whom you are happy, someone who brings joy to your life. But no one can bring you happiness. If you happen to find someone who seems to bring you happiness, then fear will instantly follow. The fear of losing your happiness will have to follow because your happiness is contingent on another person. If they leave they will take your happiness with them.
It can make you crazy, worrying about how to keep your happiness. Instead of an uncomfortable season, the fear of losing the relationship can turn into a deep dark abyss that you will do almost anything to avoid, ever sacrificing true happiness.
Your true happiness comes from within. True happiness is being content, regardless of your outside conditions. You can have dark moments, but you don’t fear them, because you realize that you are loved no matter who is in your life. True happiness emanates from your soul and is grounded in a belief that a power greater than yourself loves you and is taking care of you.
True happiness is the only real happiness you need. This happiness will never clean out your bank account and run off with your best friend. Once you find true happiness you can share it with someone else who also has it. When you do that, it amplifies, becoming apparent to everyone around. We might look at it and think, “Those two are happy because they found each other.” But, their secret is they were happy already, their relationship is an outward expression of their internal happiness. All truly happy relationships start with truly happy people.
To become a truly happy person, you must be happy inside. A relationship with your higher power feeds your soul and removes fear, making you happy inside. Therefore, your higher power is actually your perfect soul mate.

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This blog post was written by Dawn Maslar, author of the book, From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire – Developing a Healthy (GPS) Guy Picking System.

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