Author Bernadette Stankard

The Doctor Oz Show has once again put sweeping hopes out to millions of people.   While I have read and know about TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), the way the treatment is presented is that it is the panacea for pain and depression.  However, as no one medicine can treat all depression in all people, no treatment can be the magic pill.
This is the crux of the depression dilemma.  It is an elusive disease where no size fits all.  Some people are able to do the proverbial “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” until it lifts.  Others find relief through therapy and are able to resume a productive and depression free life.  Still others meet their depression head on with medication while many need a combination of both medication and therapy.  And there are those who would benefit from the TMS treatment, finding the depression lifting.
When we say that one thing is the answer, we miss the unpredictability of this disease.  We don’t recognize that there are many people for whom depression is a uniquely experienced and uniquely treated disease.  To create in these people the hope that one size fits all, is a cruel statement.
TMS is one effective treatment for some people battling depression.  There are other treatments that can be as effective, especially when TMS doesn’t work for them.  So Dr. Oz, “Why is every psychiatrist in the country not thinking about this for their patients?”  Perhaps they know better.

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