Stankard (Co-Creators with God: Creative Strategies for Faith Formation) and Viets (Making Faith Fun) have written an inspirational guide for those with loved ones suffering from depression. Based on their own experiences living with depressed spouses, Stankard and Viets share anecdotes, exercises, tips, and resources meant to help readers take care of themselves and their relationships, in addition to caring for their depressed partner or family member. Much of the book discusses reliance on a higher power, and this lends it a more spiritual tone than other guides on this topic, such as Anne Sheffield’s Depression Fallout. It is most valuable for the practical exercises, introspective reflections, and discussions of how different relationships can be affected by depression.
VERDICT The authors are a bit heavy-handed with the titular dance metaphor, but otherwise they have written a welcome addition to the relatively small field of books that address the emotional health of caretakers of a depressed individual. Recommended for those who appreciate spiritual inspiration with their self-help.—Rachel Hoover, Thomas Ford Memorial Lib., Western Springs, IL
Library Journal, February 15, 2012

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