For a long time creativity and artistic expression has been connected with madness.  One could go through a list of writers or artists or actors and come up with several who have suffered with some type of mental disorder.  Several people who have been interviewed in the past in various forums have attested to the fact that they felt more alive, more in touch with the creative side of life while taking their medication or during a manic episode.
Can you imagine if such a gift were channeled in many areas of life?  We would be brimming with newness, innovative ideas, and great appreciation of the wonders of the human mind.  Thank our Higher Power that we are able to have these expressions in many of the people struggling with depression.
But that doesn’t mean that those who live with someone who is depressed is cut out of the creative loop.  People who live with a loved one suffering from depression often have to deal with the disease and the loved one in very creative ways.  What’s the best way to get them to realize the importance of the medication so they won’t struggle or suddenly stop taking it?  How do you lure them into an activity that you (and they) know will help lift their spirits if only for a little time?   And what about creative ways of maintaining a relationship?  Finding ways to keep focused on the person you love instead of the disease of depression is indeed difficult especially when the depression seems to be taking over and the person disappearing.
Creativity abounds in mental illness both with the sufferer and with those who live with and love them.  Let’s keep our eyes open to seeing the ways in which we are all creative. And we need to letpeople know when we spot a creative moment, and let’s remember that creativity is a part of growing in good health.

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This blog post was written by Bernadette Stankard, co-author of the book, Dancing in the Dark – How to Take Care of Yourself When Someone You Love is Depressed.

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