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This post was written about Dr. Skip Sviokla, author of the book From Harvard to Hell and Back – A Doctor’s Journey Through Addiction to Recovery

Dr. Sylvester “Skip” Sviokla, III, M.D. with Kerry Zukus . Central Recovery (Consortium, dist.), $16.95 trade paper (184p) ISBN 978-1-937612-29-0
Sviokla, a recovered drug addict and alcoholic, today runs a successful clinic specializing in treating medical personnel with addiction issues. Here, Sviokla replays his early life, from Harvard College football player to his residency at UCSD’s hospital, where he chose surgery as his focus and first began to show addictive symptoms. Shortly thereafter, he suffered an accident that ended his prospects as a surgeon, and a failed business venture led to heavy drinking and using pills. The loss of his medical license sparked a downward spiral into depression and poverty during which Sviokla took a series of low-paying jobs and turned to alcohol to numb the pain and embarrassment. He made half-hearted attempts at recovery, even checking into a psych ward, before finally arriving at a “moment of clarity” that led to true sobriety. Following a battle with bureaucracy in California, Sviokla found the Rhode Island Medical Board more receptive to reinstating his license and decided he “wanted to give something back to the world.” The result is his current practice, Medical Assisted Recovery. Sviokla demonstrates bravery in this confessional account of his addiction and recovery. (July)
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This review first appeared in the 9/2/2013 issue of Publishers Weekly

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