As 2013 winds down and fizzles into the past like an errant bottle rocket it gives me cause to smile. The past year has served me very well. My daughter was married (by me) and gave birth to our first granddaughter. Both events defy accurate description in words of the joy I felt. There were many joyful moments in 2013 and many sad and frightening ones as well. That’s how life is, a swirling, pulsing continuously changing morass of phenomena. In the midst of it all I managed to enjoy the publication of my first book, Chi Kung in Recovery. Released in December, it represents a crowning achievement of my life (other than finding recovery).
I had the good fortune to present my Chi Kung on some meditation retreats this year. I joined Kevin Griffin in Sedona, Arizona for a Joy of Recovery retreat and again at Shambhala Mountain Center in December. Need I say, “Brrrrr?” Despite the minus 18 temperature, a handful of hardy attendees managed to create a warm cocoon of recovery at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I finished up the year with a daylong retreat celebrating the Gift of Recovery at Spirit Rock on December 22. If you didn’t make it to any of these retreats you missed some very special presentations. The energy lifting quality of Chi Kung was interspersed throughout Kevin Griffin’s seasoned approach to Buddhism and the Twelve Steps. Kevin and I enjoy working together and it shows. Look forward to more of these events in 2014. And buy my book! It’s available through CRP and the link below.
Be well, happy and peaceful.
Gregory S. Pergament

This blog was written by Greg Pergament, author of CHI KUNG IN RECOVERY.

This blog was written by Greg Pergament, author of CHI KUNG IN RECOVERY.Gregory S. Pergament


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