I enjoy reading Chuck Lorre’s Vanity cards at the end of The Big Bang Theory (and other shows). I often get a kick out of them and sometimes I even get some insight into myself through his humor—I tend to think this is his reason for writing them; fun and insight.
Vanity card #376 was one that brought me a particularly interesting insight. It is about how we are obsessed with things getting better—always better—when the truth of the matter is that things don’t always do that. They often get worse.
Of course, life is cyclical. It’s good, bad, better, The Best, worse, whatever . . .
If I allow myself to get caught up in the obsession with things always getting better, I draw fear into my life for no reason. After all, if life must always get better, as soon as it gets a little bit worse (which is inevitable) I will begin to worry about how much worse it may get. Then I will fear the worst. And in the process I will be transmitting negative energy into the world. Energy that will, most likely, come back to me.
I’m getting off the “Must get better” bandwagon. Life is good, come what may, and I’ll enjoy whatever comes my way. Good, bad, better, worse, The Best, The Worst . . . They’re all just labels anyway. A Great day for me might be just an Okay day for you.
For today I’m going to smile just enough to make people think I’m up to something. Maybe it’ll help them smile a little bit too. And it always helps to smile.

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This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Becoming Normal – An Ever-Changing Perspective.

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This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Fear – Feel It, Face It, and Grow.

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