I don’t do Windows. I even have a T-shirt that says that; one with Tux the penguin on it—and it has nothing to do with cleaning glass. I have run Linux on my computer for about ten years. My experience has shown me that Linux is a much better Operating System; it’s more reliable and less prone to virus attacks so I feel more secure running it.
Thing is, I have about 30 old—and I do mean old—Windows based games that I haven’t played in a very long time. I’ve been told I could play them in Linux—there are ways to do it—but I’m no computer genius. And this computer (what I call my “production box” because it’s where I produce my writing), isn’t used for those kinds of things. This computer is for writing and other daily computing tasks. I have another computer that I use to record TV (kind of like a home made Tivo) but it’s dedicated to recording and playing TV shows even though it can do much more (it is, after all, a computer). I run Linux on that too.
I was recently looking through my old computer stuff and managed to put together a pretty decent machine. I installed my old version of XP on this “old” computer, hooked up a wireless keyboard and mouse, bought an extension cable for my joystick, and I now have a Windows gaming machine hooked to my 40 inch TV in the living room. Kind of like a PlayStation only for computer games.
Being springtime, there is a lot to do out in the yard, so I like to get out and mow, edge the sidewalk, plant this year’s flowers, trim the hedges . . . well, you know . . . the list goes on. So between writing, reading, working in the yard and playing my newly accessible “old” computer games, there isn’t much time to watch TV. But since I record what I want to watch, I’ll get to it if it’s something I really want to see . . . eventually. High class problems. Ya gotta love ’em. After all, staying busy with things I enjoy doing helps me stay out of trouble.

Buy the Book! - Becoming Normal - An Ever-Changing Perspective

This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Becoming Normal – An Ever-Changing Perspective.

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This blog post was written by Mark Edick, author of the book, Fear – Feel It, Face It, and Grow

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