Today is the first day of my book tour. Dr. Robin Huhn and I left
Henderson, Nevada at 9:30 am and arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona at 2:00 pm. Flagstaff is a college community and most of the employees are college students. The young lady at the hotel check-in desk was one of those employee/students, her major-psychology. We told her about Why is Brian So Fat?. She found the topic interesting and timely and said she would pass the information on to her fellow students. If you have never been to Flagstaff we highly recommend a visit. The downtown is quaint and if you are a hippie at heart you will feel at home. The smell of the wooded forests is a breath of fresh air, literally. Our next stop-Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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This blog post was written by Gary Solomon, PhD, author of the book, Why Is Brian So Fat?

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