In the last 7 days I have traveled through 7 different states. The response to the book continues to be great. I have already started writing the sequel to ‘Why is Brian So Fat?’. The emphasis is on living a healthy life. I believe that’s where the emphasis should be placed, not on just loosing weight. Studies have shown that a person, young or old, does not have be what society believes is normal to be healthy.
For children and adults just losing 5-10 pounds can make a major difference in their health. It does not take significant changes in diet and exercise to lose this amount of weight. A child is not going to be able to do this on their own. They don’t have the cognitive and reasoning skills, knowledge, nor access to the facilities and tools needed to make these changes. So, it is imperative that parents, teachers, school counselors, the medical community, and governmental agencies step in to support and educate children in healthy living.
My goal for writing about ‘Brian’ is to make communities and children advocates/advocacy groups and our children aware of the hazards of obesity and the part that stress plays in obesity.

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This blog post was written by Gary Solomon, PhD, author of the book, Why Is Brian So Fat?

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