Breaking the Ruhls


A profoundly personal memoir that explores the impact of complex trauma on a man’s life.

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Breaking the Ruhls is a phenomenal unfolding of one survivor’s story. Larry Ruhl’s deep commitment to honesty in this book illuminates a path for others to follow. A book written for these times of truth-telling.”–Peter Buffett, Composer and Philanthropist

“Larry Ruhl shares the details of the inexplicable horrors he faced growing up with astounding bravery, candor, and self-awareness. Predators thrive on silence. By finding the courage to tell this important story, Larry has become a crusader in an effort to bring this pandemic to an end. I’m so glad Larry wrote this book―for the young boy who embodied a shame that never rightly belonged to him, for the strong man who survived carrying it for a good portion of his life, and for countless others who will feel heard and seen after reading these words. Readers will have a new sense of hope, know they’re not alone and that recovery is possible. Breaking the Ruhls is indeed a gift to the survivors of the world.”–Eva Tenuto, Cofounder and Executive Director of TMI Project

Breaking the Ruhls is a candid, brutally honest, and refreshingly hopeful story of one man’s journey toward healing after childhood sexual abuse. Ruhl never shies away from the truth, vividly documenting the high-highs and low-lows of his everyday life. For many, sexual abuse is a straightjacket that is taken off only when confronted; in doing so, Ruhl proves that life can (and is) to be lived.”–Steve LePore, Founder and Executive Director of 1in6


Larry Ruhl’s father sought comfort from his only son, smothering him not only with his affection, but his sexuality, blurring critical boundaries that would prove deeply debilitating. Larry’s mother, with her spiraling, ever-changing mental illness kept the family in a constant state of anxiety. By the time Larry graduated from high school, overwhelming sadness and suicidal thoughts took root, plaguing him for decades.

Breaking the Ruhls will resonate deeply with many who have experienced similar trauma, boundary violations, and abuse within the family. Ruhl mines his own experiences with sexual confusion, addiction and recovery, relationships, career struggles, and therapeutic breakthroughs, while demonstrating it is possible to heal and thrive.

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