Relapse Toolkit


This book can be utilized for a wider range of addictive behaviors, from substance use disorders, to sex, work, food, spending, and gambling.

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The Relapse Toolkit is designed for use by those who work in the addictions field and address issues of relapse and relapse prevention, the book can by utilized for a wide range of addictive disorders from alcohol and drug addictions, to sex, work, spending and gambling addictions, to food and relationship addictions. There are thirty-eight modules within 16 sessions, each with pertinent didactic, reproducible handouts, specific instructions for assignments that are relevant to a topic, and a paint-by-the-numbers format for an individual or group session. Didactic refers to educational information that you may offer in a lecture type format and can be used verbatim or as a model to improvise upon. Sessions can be condensed or expanded depending upon time allowed, and as with the other Strategies books you are encouraged to be creative and bring your own style of work into this process.

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