Relationship Sanity


An invaluable guide to overcome the barriers to achieving intimacy and meaningful connection by building a resilient relationship.

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Relationship Sanity is a roadmap to a thriving relationship. In their preceding book, Irrelationship, Borg and his colleagues located relationship insanity in couples’ mutual fear of intimacy and all the ways they defend against closeness and vulnerability. In this book, to help couples face and transcend that fear, they make available a complex, rich, detailed, and ultimately simple and doable process that helps couples engage in a mutual process of giving and receiving that enables them to become present to each other, thus achieving and sustaining intimacy. Any couple will be enriched by using the myriad insights and exercises, and any therapist will be empowered to help couples by using them in their practice.”―Harville Hendrix, PhD and, Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, authors of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples and Making Marriage Simple

“Borg, Brenner, and Berry have presented in this volume an accessible yet complex and sophisticated road map to assist couples, both those seemingly doing well and those in trouble, on the challenging journey to an intimate, rewarding, and sane relationship. Skillfully illuminating how early attachment strategies shape our adult assumptions about intimacy, the authors offer astutely designed exercises to be done by couples, alone and together, that will deepen understanding and awareness, for the self and for one another. Exposing and making sense of the hidden insecurities and conflicts most of us harbor about intimacy, the authors open up a compassionate path toward healing and growth. The wealth of knowledge and expertise here is immensely impressive and will certainly be of tremendous benefit to those couples ready to open themselves to the innate human potential for deeply satisfying intimacy.”―Daniel Shaw, psychotherapist and author of Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation


People in resilient relationships are co-owners, experience reciprocity, and are better prepared to meet challenges authentically and effectively. In this sequel to the best-selling Irrelationship, the authors use examples from their clinical practice to review the concept of irrelationship and expand the DREAM Sequence, a tool used by affected couples to address perennial relationship issues.

By mutually and mindfully viewing the relationship as a third entity, separate from each individual, couples will learn how to live in and with the ambiguity of empathy, intimacy, vulnerability, and emotional investment and view relationship sanity as a deliberate and joyful undertaking to maintain and deepen connection.

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