Roots and Wings


Emotionally rich lessons on parenting for people in recovery filled with sensible methods for cultivating genuine happiness within the family through mindful living.

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Roots and Wings is one of those rare, beautiful books that will teach and touch you. Exploring the difficult and meaningful work of parenting, it brings together so many insightful and useful ideas from solid research and psychological theory in the areas of attachment, human development, mindfulness, addiction, and recovery. With his down-to-earth style and wry wit, Dan Mager poignantly reflects on his own parenting journey and invites us all to join him in facing ourselves in order to do and be better.Jennifer Kunst, PhD, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst and author of Wisdom from the Couch

Roots and Wings is one of the best books on parenting I’ve read. This is remarkable because it’s technically a book about parenting while in recovery from addiction. Based on personal experience, Dan Mager describes how the self-knowledge and skills gained through recovery can dramatically improve your parenting skills and how being a parent can be a tremendous aid to recovery. I love how practical the book is. In it, you’ll find a broad range of helpful tools―from easy-to-learn mindfulness practices, to the invaluable parenting skill of active listening, to learning to understand your child at different stages of their development. Don’t pass up this gem of a book. It gets my highest recommendation.Toni Bernhard, author of How to Wake Up, How to Be Sick and How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness


Quality parenting doesn’t happen easily or by coincidence―it necessitates conscious awareness and intentional effort. Roots and Wings presents a user-friendly approach based on the principles and practices of mindfulness and twelve-step-oriented recovery, along with elements of psychological theory, contemporary counseling, and neuroscience. Designed for parents in recovery, most of this invaluable guidance is applicable to anyone who wants to learn how to develop the awareness and skills to become the parents they want to be and the parents their children need.

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