Spiritual Adrenaline


An inspirational lifestyle plan that integrates nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices into the proven method of twelve-step recovery.

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“In everyone’s life comes a time of epiphany―an event, situation, realization―that irrevocably changes life’s direction. Sometimes for the best, sometimes not. While many experience change, very few are able to leverage that experience into a form and format to help others in their own personal metamorphosis. Mr. Shanahan has indeed accomplished that monumental task. Spiritual Adrenaline will for some be an interesting read, for others an amazing awakening, but for those with similar life situations, a life-saving treatise and blueprint to follow for the rest of their life. Congratulations Tom! You have accomplished what most only dream about doing.”―Michael Bedecs, DO, Medical Director of the Age Management Center

Spiritual Adrenaline is a truly a gift to the addiction recovery community. In this book, Tom Shanahan shares important information, knowledge, wisdom, and hope in an immensely readable and engaging fashion. Anyone who is interested in long-term, sustainable addiction recovery owes it to themselves to read and absorb this book.”―R. Nikki Myers, Founder Y12SR: The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery


Personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Tom Shanahan, outlines a program of action to energize, reboot, and strengthen one’s recovery, especially those who feel they may have hit a wall in their program. Spiritual Adrenaline imparts the importance of a holistic approach to fitness, good eating habits, and connection to a personal higher power in order to optimize the guiding principles of the Twelve Steps and reinforce relapse prevention.

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