The Soul Workout


Positive, sometimes humorous, touching and practical solutions to building spirituality in the modern, material world.

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We know what physical fitness looks like and what it takes to achieve it. Spiritual fitness is a bit tougher to define, but it’s actually not so tough to achieve. Like its physical counterpart, it just requires some willingness and a little coaching. The latter is what The Soul Workout provides. So many small, everyday life events can distract individuals from their spiritual ideals. The guy who cuts off people in traffic or the woman with twenty items in the ten-items-or-less aisle can make one tear up all those lofty spiritual principles and throw them away with both hands. The Soul Workout provides easy-to-implement exercises to help readers build and maintain the spiritual conditioning they aspire to, but too often fail to achieve. It will help strengthen spiritual muscles, so they are not as easily overpowered by life events.

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