Unspoken Legacy


A far-ranging examination of addiction and trauma in the family and how its effects can reverberate for generations.

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In this compassionate self-help book, Black (It Will Never Happen to Me), a clinical psychologist, demystifies trauma and addiction with sensitivity and clarity, and offers hope for recovery to those embroiled in them. Using case studies and references to research, she clarifies how trauma and addiction often overlap and impact entire families over generations. “Addiction encourages, spreads, and deepens trauma,” she says, and “trauma can make the brain more vulnerable to addiction.” Adopting a familiar, intimate tone, she delves into the difficulties that people with addictions and those around them commonly experience. She gives real-life examples, telling readers, “I want you to begin to recognize the signs and symptoms.” She emphasizes that “healing is possible” and it begins “where you are.” The latter section of the book describes a six-layer process of healing, beginning with grounding exercises, because “in order to heal, you first need some inner stability.” The book also includes exercises for self-awareness, types of therapies available, and resources to contact. Black’s work serves as a cogent, encouraging, and honest explanation of what trauma and addiction look like and how to address them, with the hope that readers who can recognize their own experiences can begin the process of healing.


Trauma and addictive disorders are often a result of psychological injuries experienced as a child. These injuries typically produce long-term and harmful generational consequences on loved ones and other family members. Claudia Black presents a searing portrait of a broken family system, exploring how addiction and trauma develop and how their damaging repetition uproots and frequently destroys one’s family tree. Filled with vignettes highlighting the various causes of trauma, Dr. Black helps readers understand its physiology and psychology and gives them healing, proactive steps to build healthier relationships.

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