Who Stole My Child?


Psychologist Carl Pickhardt deciphers the often-confusing terrain of adolescence and provides expert guidance for parents to navigate its four stages.

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Who Stole My Child?: Parenting through the Four Stages of Adolescence

By Carl Pickhardt

Well-known counselor, author, and educator Pickhardt (Surviving Your Child’s Adolescence, 2013) draws on decades of work to help parents navigate the changes adolescence will bring about in their relationships with their children. His clear-cut examples of what to say―and what not to say―in various situations will have a calming effect for readers experiencing this rocky stage of parenting. Written for parents of children ages eight through early adulthood, the book provides many useful tools for recognizing challenging and changing behaviors, learning the best ways to address them, and most importantly, seeing what’s on the horizon to prepare for future success. Pickhardt covers topics ranging from friendships and dating to substance use and abuse, social cruelty, and technology. Parents will also appreciate guidance on when to observe or monitor an issue versus when to act on it. While there are many books on parenting adolescents, many readers will likely be familiar with and devoted to Pickhardt’s work, making this a useful addition for public and academic libraries. ― Joyce McIntosh


Psychologist Carl Pickhardt offers insight from his thirty years of experience counseling caregivers on how to navigate the adolescent development process―from eight to eighteen. For most parents, the onset of puberty brings an unexpected, even unwelcome change in their child’s behavior, which can cause bewilderment, confusion, and sadness. Dr. Pickhardt’s comforting and knowledgeable voice points out that not only can growth change many beloved characteristics of their child, but also it can alter dynamics in the relationship. Parents, teachers, and caretakers will find comfort with effective practices to help kids achieve responsible independence from the end of childhood through young adulthood and beyond.

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